Nancy, creator of Nancylandkids children's books, music and films, had spent over 25 years in the children's industry working at the inception of multiple premier brands including babyGap, GapKids, pottery barn kids and PBteen. She loved that her work allowed her to draw upon her childlike imagination every day.

Over the past several years, she had adopted three children from birth, all about a year apart. She loved being a mom and wanted to raise all of her children in a home similar to the one she knew as a child - a home filled with laughter and music.

As her children grew, Nancy began writing books with them. Her children would draw the pictures, and together they would create the story. At first, it was simply something fun to do as a family, but eventually Nancy saw even more potential in the stories. She looked to talented illustrators to bring her children's drawings to life.

Before she knew it, she had a collection of beautiful books written alongside and for her family.

However, her true passion was singing and she wanted to find a way to merge those stories and her love of music. She bought a guitar at a local music shop, began learning how to play songs by The Beatles and even traveled to Nashville to network and attend a few writing workshops.

A huge fan of Jack White from the White Stripes, she loved his paired down songs, attention to detail and the unexpected whimsical twists that keep him a step ahead. On a trip to Detroit to watch White perform, she met fellow musicians interested in her songs. She sent them her lyrics and after a few months they were featured on the demo titled The Red Hawk Prophecy, which was sold on iTunes.

One night back at home, as she was looking up at the stars, lyrics began to pour out and they would become the first song for her book Mermaids on Mars. By the end of the week she had 12 songs written.

She then knew Mermaids on Mars could be more than just a book, and enlisted her cousin Jarrett Galante to write the script, which he did in three months. A call to local animation studio, Athena Studios in Emeryville, CA and one successful presentation later, and Mermaids on Mars grew into a 20-minute stop motion animation short.

Mermaids on Mars, the film, is a project of passion, love, collaboration and community that brings a talented mix of artists together - all packaged with a whimsical, unexpected twist, something Nancy hopes her idol Jack White would appreciate.

She continues to follow her heart and be guided by the spirit of the redtail hawk and the talented individuals who helped make her dream a reality and even better than she could have ever imagined.

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